Girls Rule!

If you aren’t stating ‘awwwwww’ best now, your awww-er is broken, as well as you ought to seek medical attention. Seriously, isn’t this adorable as a whole button-factory’s worth of buttons? Missy (who offers on eBay as Spring*Bean) made this … that’s her youngest (I think) modeling.

You understand who else makes extremely lovable girls’ dresses? With the smocking, as well as the bows, as well as everything? vintage Grace. I’ve ended up being addicted to her blog … however who can blame me when she features things like this?

or this?

I believe it’s most likely lucky that I have a bit boy, since if I had a bit woman I would be doing nothing however making her gowns like these, as well as (knowing the method the world likes to have its bit joke) she would most likely dislike them, as well as want to gown like a Bratz doll. as well as besides, it’s a great deal quicker to make the type of thing my child likes (namely, silly CafePress t-shirts).

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