5 Things that Affect How Well Your Clothes Block UV Rays Uncategorized A fantastic huge tease.

A fantastic huge tease.

Peggy extremely well sent me the link to this eBay auction, which is for the June-July 1955 problem of vogue Pattern Book.

I utilized to gather these old pattern magazines up until I realized that all they did was make me covet the patterns, which were then impossible to find. It’s not like I might hie myself down to JoAnn’s at the $3 vogue Pattern sale as well as pick up a couple copies.

Sadly, the one on this page that I truly like (4544, lower best hand corner) did not expose itself to the Questing Robots of Google, nor was it offered in the Hanging gardens of eBay. as well as the couple others I looked at from the noting pictures were AWOL from those places, too.

However, if YOU like to torment yourself by drooling over photos of patterns you most likely won’t ever be able to find, go ahead as well as bid. Be my guest. Or if you have a line on vogue 4544, leave a comment …

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