Partners in crime

Skirt: Banana Republic  |  Blouse: Kate Spade (similar here, here, here and many more below)  |  Jacket: Banana Republic  |  Shoes: SJP Collection  |  Watch: Marc Jacobs (similar here, here, here & here)  |  Necklace: Jane Basch (similar here)  |  Bracelet: Kate Spade (also here) thanks to the my outstanding best friend |  Polish: Essie (A-List)


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It’s been a bit quieter than normal on the blog here in the past week because of lots of exciting things cooking, including some big changes made to the back end of my site.  Since a lot of of the changes that went into effect yesterday aren’t visible, you’ll likely not notice much of a difference for now.  However, if you notice anything acting wonky, absolutely shoot me an email at  I’ll be making up for last week’s uncharacteristically sparse posting with lots of a lot more new articles during the rest of this week and holiday season, so stay tuned!  And, as always, if you’re looking for any holiday shopping ideas, check out my shop page which is being regularly updated.  Happy Tuesday!

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