Mindi sent me this picture of Laura Dern at the Emmys — obviously, because it has pockets. I’m not a fan of purple (although it looks terrific on Ms. Dern!) and I admit to having an urge to yoink that bodice up a bit, but for pockets, all is forgiven.

(Do you think the woman in the background carrying a wrap in the same color and two hold handbags is Ms. Dern’s assistant? I do.)

And now, to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, I present the first bad mirror self-portrait of the week — taken, not in my hotel room, but in a fairly chic corporate bathroom.

This is this dress; I’ve been trying to wear it on days when I think good things will happen, and so far it’s working. The sweater is from Lands’ End. I’m pretty sure the light wasn’t good enough in the bathroom, thus the fuzzy photo, but the flash reflected in the mirror, so … any self-portrait photography ideas are appreciated. (I have a Canon PowerShot 1100 IS btw).

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