Narrow path styles

weekly I discover some designer or illustrator whose styles stay with me for days or even weeks. The week has barely started as well as I already have a extremely skilled artist to present you – Aaron Bartling is a freelance Illustrator found in the middle of southern California. He goes by the pseudonym of narrow path styles as well as produced a tee shirts line that holds 7 styles for $12/piece.

He went to the university of the Nations institution of Illustration, in Kona, Hawaii as well as has been working in Photoshop for 4 years. The style comes from like of movies, tattoo designs, books, random inspiration, the world around us as well as prayer. His tee shirts line is intense, strong as well as powerful with symbols, characters as well as consistent execution of a remarkable perspective. have a look at a few of the illustrations I selected however understand you can likewise shop here for t-shirts, go to his Facebook page as well as send him a shout out on Twitter.
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