5 Things that Affect How Well Your Clothes Block UV Rays Clothing Bundle Promotions for t-shirt templates from Tshirt factory

Bundle Promotions for t-shirt templates from Tshirt factory

t-shirt Templates bundle Promotions from Tshirt Factory
Not one but two pieces of good news come from the Tshirt factory site. two outstanding deals on t-shirt design templates are up for grabs for a limited time.
First off, Giuliano’s bundle is ideal for skull, bikers and tattoo style lovers. It’s the renowned Tshirt factory style that plays with the death theme and employs numerous vintage elements. You can use them to create a t-shirt line worthy of a rock star.  In short, a total of 217 templates with extended license are available for only $27! Click the image to see all items included in the offer.

The next bundle is certified fresh from Polo X’s collection of t-shirt designs. He is rather new around here, which discusses the set of only 55 items. but his stingy humor compensates for the absence and at just $28 it’s nothing to turn your nose at. He adds just the best amount of sarcasm and hilarity that numerous t-shirt templates needed. and that is priceless. The offer is available until July 3rd. below you can see some of my favorites that I’m sure you will delight in as well:


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