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Five wintertime coat styles To have In Your closet

Today, I’m wearing a shearling coat by rag & Bone that I found at Nordstrom with a cropped cut to balance the sweetness of my sweater a bit. below you’ll find lots of a lot more shearling options along with stunning wool coats, puffer coats, leather jackets, and (perhaps my favorite of all) quilted coats. The five major food groups when it pertains to outerwear.
P.S. I know we’re focused on outerwear today but my leather pants are very worth checking out. I’ve been on the hunter for the best pair of high-waisted, straight-leg leather pants for around three years and this season, Agolde came through. The fit and style is DIVINE and the price point is terrific for the quality.



Notice that I’m using the word shearling and not teddy. Teddy had a moment, I’ll give it that, but there was a highly casual, nearly pajama-esque nature to the style that didn’t lend itself well to a lot more polished points of view. Shearling, however, HOLD ME. You’ll a lot of typically find shearling making visible appearances at the cuffs and collars, with the rest of its hard work happening inside the lining of your outerwear. feels like you’re swaddled inside a toasted marshmallow. 



Always a heavy hitter when it pertains to both warmth and precipitation protection, I love a puffer for high-energy days with a million things to do when freezing to death is not on the list of errands. You can select a cropped jacket for a sportier effect, or longer versions with belts or darts at the waist to give the coat shape.



Your vital workday or night-out coat in wintertime when a puffer or shearling would feel too casual and out of place. A classic wool coat is an investment that will last you a lifetime when you commit to caring for them. There are so lots of options, from classic peacoat shapes to oversized collar/wrap moments—no need for boredom here.



The running theme with all of these coats is timelessness, and leather coats are no exception. They’re another highly reputable investment you make once and return to year after year. Here, you’ll want your focus to be fit, as an ill-fitting leather coat is hard to mask, and easy to spot.



And now for my personal favorite this season: quilted coats. Quilted coats and puffers are typically lumped together, but a puffer is normally going to have a lot more volume with thick horizontal lines, where quilted coats will have less bulk and a smaller-scale typically cross-hatched quilting pattern. Quilted coats can also offer maximum warmth with minimal volume, and you’ll always be thankful you have an option or two ready when you need them. They’re especially terrific when a wool cloth coat doesn’t feel like enough but a puffer feels too intense.

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