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The new job Negotiations

For those of you who have negotiated (or renegotiated) job perks and more, how do you think things have changed in the past few years? If you’re on the hiring side, what requests seem to be much more common these days? (For the hiring peeps: are there any common requests that always strike you as ridiculous?)
In the past we’ve talked about
negotiating a great salary and other benefits (as well as some other less common benefits, like a tech budget — it may also be helpful to know what getaway benefits others get)
negotiating flexible work arrangements, like negotiating decreased work hours and/or selling a reluctant boss on remote work (that last link was written a few years ago, though, so I’m guessing it’s much simpler than it was!)
how to save $10K a year by using job benefits (and which ones to look at when you’re negotiating)
whether you can work out future maternity leave (before you’re pregnant)

What other types of things are negotiating best now? readers are having an interesting threadjack this morning about negotiating travel requirements (particularly because of Dobbs); you may also be negotiating how much face time is required in the office, if at all.
Let’s hear from you men — how do you think job negotiations have changed recently?
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