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Arm The animals to be a lot more human!

having and managing a tee shirts line is a big deal, needing sacrifices, investments and perseverance. Which is why we try to feature and encourage everyone, especially people that provided up their tasks or put all their money and time in a clothing line that doesn’t pledge a remove success. One other example that gets us ecstatic and delighted about what we are doing with the blog is letting the visitors and fans understand about tee shirts lines that have made it and give back.
Arm the animals is a company that supports indie animal shelters, increasing awareness about the circumstance of animal rescuing. No matter the revenue they give to the cause from each sale and have some stars spread the word as well: Shanna Moakler, Ashley Greene, Shannon Elizabeth, Stephen Baldwin, Jorge Garcia and lots of others.
“Arm The animals produces killer tee shirts that make a statement, raise awareness, and generate funds for small, having a hard time animal rescues. We understand we can’t save every “at-risk” animal, but we CAN save some! By producing funny, unique, witty graphic tee shirts and accessories, we understand we can raise awareness about animal welfare and make a difference by contributing to shelters! So, every month we donate a part of every sale we make to reliable shelters – no matter what!”
Have a look and contribute to this fine cause:
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