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Artist of the week – Norman Duenas

I selected Norman Duenas as this week’s featured artist without even realizing it. generally I get thinking about the style as well as then the artist. I prevent inspecting out the artist at the beginning to ensure that I don’t get biased by their existing popularity. people unconsciously establish an affinity for something that is already popular, I being one of them sometimes. So I try to prevent that by focusing purely on the style . keeping that in mind I realized that I have featured this artist many a  times before so I felt compelled to devote him  a special post.
So right here is Norman Duenas 23 year old illustrator, commonly featured on Threadless as well as Designbyhumans with a great deal of tee shirts styles printed, who often utilizes the nature style in his work. I like the warm colors he always utilizes as well as the abstract intertwining of ideas. His messages are never simple or childish.
Nature styles from Norman Duenas
The beauty of memoryIdea manMors et naturaTempus fugitFly awayA happy placeLook into the futureImmerse yourselfA lovely decayFor routine updates of his work comply with him on tumbr, twitter or see his flickr and society6 pages.

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