NY fashion Week: Diane von Furstenberg

I would SO wear this. I mean, I’d most likely take off the flap breast pockets as well as shorten the sleeves, as well as I’d inspect to make sure it was silk or cotton as well as not polyester jersey first, however I’m around this material as well as cut. Absolutely.

I’m a bit confused about the family member placement of the right as well as left side pockets — Liya has her left hand in a pocket that seems to be lower than the patch pocket I believe I see on the right. however perhaps this is an artifact of the patented runway-model hip-tilt that would not be apparent on me.

The thing I’m truly excited by is trying to discover bolt-ends of this fabric. If anyone sees any, send me a shout-out, okay? since what I *really* want is a circle skirt constructed out of this fabric. Knee length, with a contour waistband for less bulk at the actual waist, to wear with a bit black polo shirt or short-sleeve sweatshirt as well as black flat slouches or ballet slippers. Wouldn’t that rock? With a black short-handled bag as well as black sunglasses, of course.

Now that it’s February I’m dying to sew for spring. It’s since I grew up in the south; I believe spring starts right after the shiftless people take down their giant blinking inflatable outside Santa. I walk out of my front door daily now believing “Where’s my forsythia?” I’ll be shivering in cotton prints on March 1 again, I just understand it.

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